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The AI Virtual Assistant for Every Sales Team

Improve your team's win rate with automated coaching and insights on sales calls based on what's being said in real-time.

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Powerful and Simple. puts everything you need to accelerate your sales teams at your fingertips.

How We Turn Your Team's Tribal Knowledge into an AI Assistant

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What Offers

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Real-time Coaching

Automated coaching on sales calls using your team's tribal knowledge based on what's being said in real-time.



Stop saying "I'll get back to you." 

Answers to your product, partner, and competitive information when you need it. 


Autocreate Sales Playbook

With our innovative method to automatically organize knowledge, create a comprehensive Sales Playbook that is always up-to-date

Data from Everywhere

Ingest information from multiple sources, such as internal conversations, internal documents, and customer conversations

An Easier Way to Write Case Studies
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Compare and...

Generative LLMs +
solutions built with generative LLMs

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Generative LLMs

  • Automatic knowledge organization

  • Based in ground-truth facts (accuracy is reliable)

  • Can sometimes hallucinate

  • Accuracy is not reliable

  • Hard to debug

About our Founders

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David Frankle, CEO of, is a Harvard graduate with a proven track record in developing successful GTM plans. He has 4+ years of B2B sales and marketing experience.

Tushar Goswami, CTO of, brings over two decades of experience in AI to the team. His expertise in building and deploying AI systems has been utilized by companies such as Snapchat and Target.

Together, the founders of bring a unique combination of expertise and experience to the table, making them well-suited to deliver on the company's mission of accelerating B2B sales with AI.

Roadmap & Future Plans

Integration Expansion

June 2023

Public Beta

Fall 2023

Alpha Release

Summer 2023

Winter 2023

Expansion to All Seven Sales Stages

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